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From this website page you can access the Surgery Patient Tracking Board. On the day of his/her surgery or procedure, each patient is given a unique patient tracking number (Patient ID#). With this number, loved ones can track the progress of their pet that they are monitoring from the comfort of their home. With this service, we are striving to ease the stress related to waiting for information about your loved one going through a surgical procedure. The patient ID # can be found on any of your invoices or estimates from Fairport Animal Hospital- it is located at the top left hand side in parentheses next to your name. If you have multiple pets coming in for surgery on the same day the way to differentiate them is by their patient letter which is found just below the patient ID #. See below:

Status Legend:



-Surgery in Progress

-Surgery Completed/ Recovering

-Cleared for Discharge- Please call our office to schedule a discharge appointment

Today's Surgeries: 04/07/2020

Patient #:                   Status:

#11224 ------------------ Surgery completed

Yesterday's Surgeries: 04/06/2020

Patient#:                      Status:

#10977------------------ Cleared for Discharge

#13477------------------ Cleared for Discharge

We strive to keep this page as up to date as possible. Please note that this page may not represent up to the minute information. To refresh the page, press the F5 key. As always, feel free to call our office and we can give you an update on your pet.



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