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Free Rabies Clinics

Each year, our Doctors and Staff participate in local rabies clinics throughout Monroe County. These clinics provide rabies vaccinations for pets at no charge, and help to increase compliance with the mandatory rabies vaccine requirements. For their safety and yours, all dogs must be leashed, and all cats must be contained in an acceptable and sturdy carrier. Puppies and kittens must be at least 12 weeks old, and all pets must be in good health prior to vaccination. A complete list of dates and locations of these clinics can be found here. Please give our office a call if you have any questions.


Surgical Patient Tracking

For our clients whose pets are undergoing surgery, we know how difficult it is to call the office to find out how their family member is doing. To give you more up to date information that is easier to get, we have started a surgery status board on our website. Click on the SURGICAL PATIENT TRACKING icon at the top of the home page. Your pet's status will be listed under a patient number, which can be found on your estimate or invoice. If you have any questions please check with one of our staff.


Fairport Animal Hospital's Online Pharmacy 

For your convenience, we have partnered with an online pharmacy for your pets' prescriptions and prescription diets. This will give you a cost effective alternative of quality medications and foods delivered directly to your home. To access the pharmacy click the ONLINE PHARMACY icon at the top of our website homepage and follow the directions.


Prescription Drug Information 

During the last few years there have been dramatic changes with prescription drugs dispensed from our hospital and at pharmacies around the area. This makes it very difficult to keep up with the changing costs and availability of many commonly prescribed drugs. For a while, some of the pharmacies were not charging for certain medications, particularly the antibiotics that we commonly dispense. Eventually, the pharmacies changed their policy and began instituting a $4.00 charge. In the last few months the number of prescriptions that are available for $4.00 has shrunk. While one pharmacy will still charge $4.00, another will charge much more. In many instances, it is more cost-effective to fill these prescriptions from our pharmacy at the animal hospital than at a human pharmacy.


Being aware of how expensive prescriptions can be, and that the prices can widely vary from pharmacy to pharmacy, we compiled a list of the most common medications that our Doctors prescribe as well as the costs of these medications  at surrounding pharmacies. We encourage you to view this list to decide whether you would like your pet’s medication filled here at the animal hospital, or from your regular pharmacy. Please bear in mind that medication costs fluctuate frequently, and are dependent on availability and the manufacturer of the drug. With this in mind, we do our best to ensure that our price list from area pharmacies is up to date and current, however it is always a good idea to call the pharmacy and ask them directly.


Online Medical Records 

A new feature on our website is the ability to access your pet's medical records. You can instantly get information on your pet's vaccinations, prescriptions and other medical problems. For clients boarding pets, you can print a pet ID Card with current vaccination information required by the kennel. To access this feature, click the YOUR PETS HEALTH RECORD icon on the home page of our website. 


Senior Pet Wellness

Senior pets require increased attention, including more frequent visits to the veterinarian, possible changes in diet, and alterations to their home environment.  As your pet’s owner, you serve a critical role in detecting early signs of disease because you interact and care for your pet on a daily basis and are familiar with your pet’s behavior and routines.  If your pet is showing any change in behavior or other warning signs of disease, contact your veterinarian and provide them with a list of the changes you have observed in your pet.  Talk to your veterinarian about how to care for your older pet and be prepared for possible age-related health issues.



As the seasons change, some pets may begin to exhibit symptoms of allergies, including but not limited to, itching and licking, skin rash, hairloss, ear infections, runny eyes, and sneezing.  Whether your pet has had these symptoms in previous years or if this is a new problem, a veterinary visit to evaluate the pet can be useful to rule out other conditions, such as a mite infection, and to discuss the treatment options.  If your pet is showing any of these concerning symptoms, please schedule an examination today.


Pet Poison Helpline 

Have you ever come home to find that your pet may have gotten into your food pantry or medicine cabinet?  Do you wonder if what they ingested is toxic or dangerous?  The Pet Poison Helpline is a helpful website that alphabetically lists toxins and potential side effects should your pet ingest a dangerous substance.  The website also offers a 24 hour hotline.  Another helpful website is the ASPCA Animal Poison Control. In addition to useful information regarding toxicities, it also shows pictures of common plants, as well as parts of the plants that are most dangerous.  Lastly, PetMD offers a chocolate toxicity meter if your pet ingests any type of chocolate.  Keep in mind that we still encourage you to let a veterinarian know your concerns, but now you can access important information in the event of an emergency.  Links to these websites can be found below:





Tips on Bringing Your Cat to the Hospital 

To make your cat’s visit to the doctor as stress free as possible, we recommend that you make the carrier a part of everyday life.  Place a blanket or towel on the floor of the crate, and leave the door open so your cat can use to it as a bed at any time.  You could also leave snacks or toys in it.  These simple steps will change the crate from a strange and foreboding place to a warm, relaxing and friendly place.  If you have any questions about how to make your cat’s visit less stressful, please ask one of our staff.





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